A venerable katana, it appears neglected, or perhaps lost and forgotten.

weapon (melee)

Katana, so +3 equipment bonus, 4 durability, 2 size.
Cursed Masamune blade. Roughly translated to “Heavenly sword”.
+3 defense, +2 durability modifier, total of 6.
Curse: This blade will not, under any circumstance, come free of it’s sheath for any purpose other than defense. It is physically impossible to draw this blade until aggressive intent is presented.
Once aggressive intent has been shown, only then will it allow itself to be drawn.

Source information: Armory basics, Original (with GM assistance)


This relic from a bygone oriental age of Bushido and samurai seems rusted fast inside it’s sheath. The tattered and faded gray hilt wrappings seem almost friendly, and comforting. It is unmistakably a masterpiece, and to those with the knowledge, it is clearly a Masamune blade.
The long history of this blade is naught but idle speculation, and it appears to have been set aside or lost many years ago.


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