This year on Friday, September 14th, I’m celebrating my birthday (which is on the 12th). It’ll start at 2pm (the current location ideas are Our House Games and the TA) and end when I get too tired to run anymore (nobody is expected to be there the whole time so drop in and drop out as necessary). I’m going to do it by running a World of Darkness game and, anyone who wants to say “happy birthday” or get me anything, just forget about it and show up. Sounds all cute and cuddly, doesn’t it?

Well, f*ck you. I want you to break this game. Then, I want you to fix it only to break it AGAIN. Once you’ve finished character creation, I WANT THE GAME BROKEN MORE. You see, I’ve come across this suplement titled “Dudes of Legend” and I LOVE it. It has pages and pages of character hacks designed to make your NWoD characters into badass superhero forces of destruction. The best part? It’s universal. EVERY creature type is compatible. So, you want to play a Killer Schoolgirl, Master of Beasts with a unicorn mount named Timothy Sprinkles McVengeance? Do it. You want to play a homosexual stripper with a badass trenchcoat to hide your sports car while you jump through the air, surrounded by doves, and fire two uzis and your Blast numen at the same time all John Woo style? DO IT. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A SPARKLEY VAMPIRE WHO WEILDS HIS GIGANTIC C*CK AS A CLUB AND WEARS PANTS SO TIGHT THEY INCREASE HIS AWESOME TO LEVELS THAT ADD BONUS DICE TO HIS ROLLS FOR SEDUCING BLUMPKINS FROM DEMONS?! FRIKKIN DO IT ALREADY.

That’s what this game is going to be. If you want to be a part of this one-shot event, join this Wiki so I can make sure to print you off a character sheet.

Also, quick note: I want everyone to start off with bonus experience, so my initial thought was “125 bonus experience is awesome!” Then, I got my head on straight and realized “125 bonus experience is for p*ssies!” SO! You and your fellow players will begin with 250 bonus experience. I don’t care what your backstory is. I don’t care if you’re playing a five year old innocent who’s never left her bedroom, you have 250 bonus experience to make your character. USE IT. Take every one of the “only available at character creation” merits if you want, I don’t care! Show me how badly you can break your character! LET YOUR INNER POWER GAMER COME OUT AND PLAY, even if only for this one-off game.

Another note, less quick this time: All experience points will be awarded and spent in-game. When you have enough points to buy something, do it. You will be removed from the action until you finish and return to the action immediately thereafter. I’m treating this like a combination action game and action movie and, as such, we’ll have just slightly more plot than your average Michael Bay movie but with, like, a million times more fun.

Legendary Dudes of Awesome

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