Armory: Reloaded Page 156

Dice Pool: Presence + Expression

Action: Instant

Whether it’s the heartfelt expression of the absolute faith a loved one has in you or a drill sergeant’s command to get the hell up out of the mud and keep fighting, your character’s inspirational words can push an ally to keep going when lesser men and women might curl up and die.

You can inspire your allies once per scene, but any given character may only benefit from being inspired once per chapter.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure Your character stumbles over her words or flubs her line, inspiring not so much confidence as hopelessness. All allies who can hear your character suffer a point of bashing damage instead of regaining Health.

Failure: You fail to inspire a morale boost in your allies.

Success: For every success you earn, you can heal one ally who can see or hear you (a live video link or radio communication is okay, but not a prerecorded message) of one point of bashing damage. For every two successes rolled, you may heal one ally of one point of lethal damage. You may spend this healing as you see fit, dividing it up among multiple allies if you wish, provided they can all see or hear you.

Exceptional Success: No additional effect beyond the exceptional degree of healing.

Example: Klaus and Sara have rejoined their companions, but things are in a bad way for the group. Vampires have badly injured the two Lestrade brothers and Sara’s wounds are beginning to worsen. Spirits are low, morale is near to breaking and the bloodsuckers are closing in. Klaus gives a rousing speech, urging his friends to stand fast and hold till dawn. Klaus’ player rolls his Presence + Expression and, with his specialty in Battlefield Oratory and the expenditure of a Willpower point, he earns eight successes! Four go to healing Sara’s lethal wounds, taking her out of wound penalty territory, while two each go to taking bashing damage off of the Lestrade brothers’ Health tracks.


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