Patch Up

Armory: Reloaded Page 154

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Medicine + equipment

Action: Extended (one success is required per -1 penalty to be negated; each roll represents one turn of first aid work)

While it’s not as good as proper medical attention, a quick bandage and a makeshift sling can do wonders to get an ally back into the fight. This use of the Medicine Skill allows a character to temporarily negate penalties incurred by injury and damage (whether wound penalties thanks to having damage in one of his rightmost three Health boxes, penalties from suffering a called shot, or a supernatural power with debilitating effects). Penalties from multiple sources can all be reduced with this Skill use. Only dice pool penalties (whether universal, as in the case of wound penalties, or penalties to specific rolls) can be reduced; Speed reductions, temporary Ability loss and the like cannot be patched up. Specific penalties (e.g. a -1 to all actions involving fine motor control, -2 to Perception rolls) must be patched up before general wound penalties, but the character performing the patch-up job can pick and choose how many penalties he will negate.

At the storyteller’s discretion, exceptionally severe wounds with associated penalties might require more significant care than a patch up job – if a character is suffering penalties from a crushed and mangled hand or a gouged out eye, for example, a quick patch up probably won’t help.

If the patient incurs a new wound penalty or injury-based penalty, all penalties reduced by the patch up immediately return in full.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Your character’s ministrations only serve to increase the pain and discomfort of the patient’s injuries. He suffers an additional -1 on all actions for the rest of the scene, on top of any wound penalties he is currently suffering.

Failure: Your character fails to make progress toward reducing the patient’s penalties.

Success: Your character makes progress toward improving your patient’s functionality. Once you have accumulated successes equal to the total penalty you wish to remove, the patient ceases to incur those penalties until the end of the scene. AT the end of the scene, the penalties return and a character cannot be subject to more than one patch up per story.

Exceptional Success: Your character makes tremendous progress toward patching up his patient. In addition, if you roll five or more successes beyond the target number, the patch-up job lasts till the end of the chapter instead of the end of the scene.

Suggested Equipment: Set of surgeon’s tools (scalpels, retractors, clamps) (1), field surgical kit (1), military surgical kit (2), access to surgical facilities (3)

Possible Penalties: Lack of tools (-1 to -4), bad weather (-2), distraction from noise (-1) to imminent danger (-4)

Example: Sara has been ambushed by a vampire and has been beaten up pretty badly. She has a wound in her second rightmost Health box (for a -2 wound penalty), one leg is broken (-2 to Speed, -2 to actions requiring balance), and one eye is swollen shut (-1 to Perception). Her friend Klaus wants to get her up and mobile as quickly as possible, and decides to patch her up just long enough to get her home. He has to get rid of all of the specific penalties she’s suffering before he can deal with the wound penalty: the -2 to balance-related actions and the -1 to Perception (remember, he can’t negate the Speed penalty), meaning he needs three successes to start getting rid of the wound penalty. Since time is of the essence, Klaus decides to try to get rid of the specific penalties and reduce her wound penalty by -2, meaning he needs five successes in total. With his Intelligence + Medicine pool of 7, it will likely take him about 3 turns to earn that many successes.

Patch Up

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