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Game Hacks

This is the list of game hacks I’m using here. Click each link to discover what each description means and what book it’s from. ALL of these hacks affect the entire game, not just one or two characters. If you want more, Vampire Hacks, Werewolf Hacks, Mage Hacks, Promethean Hacks, Changeling Hacks, and Geist Hacks. Hunter hacks will be in a subsection below.

This section is for all the global hacks, the ones that are in effect for everyone at all times. If you want the personal hacks, you can either purchase Dudes of Legend for $0.99, or you can get in touch with me and we can arrange for you to choose your character’s Legendarily Awesome Hacks.

Aggravated Called Shots
All or Nothing
Area Effect Shotguns
Automatic Damage
Botch This II
Catch the Blade
Extraordinary Mortals
Faster Healing
The Greatest Swordsman is the One Who Survives
Guns With Kick
Haymakers for All
Hollywood Ammo
Hollywood Healing
Ignore the Rabble
Knife to a Fistfight
Kung Fu Fury
Meat Shields
Moral Victory
Morale Equals Health
Murder Systems
My Sword is My Armor
Narrative Elements
Property Damage
Shooting Through Cover
Stacking Specialties
Supreme Effort
Sword-Wielding Badass
Twelve Dot Spread
Valiant Surge
Watch That First Step

Hunter Hacks

These Hacks are for all the aspiring Sams and Deans out there. They’re watching us now with the Eye of the Tiger. These Hacks are specific to mortals of the Hunter persuasion. These are in addition to the Hacks above.

Fire Kills Everything
Shared Wisdom
Strong of Heart

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